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Comfort. Safety. Efficiency 

21st century has brought a lot of fast improvements in technology and more devices used in our day-to-day activities are getting integrated, intuitive and responsive. 


Home Automation, as the name implies, entails connecting several of your home equipment via a single communication channel and granting users overall control over all of the linked equipment, allowing them to work according to their preferences. It also allows you to operate your home's devices from anywhere in the globe using a mobile device.


Whether you want a fully automated home, a single connected room or the ability to remotely monitor and control a second or holiday home, RSS can help specify and install the equipment.


This includes your alarm system, as well as all of the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, and other sensors that are connected to it from a home security standpoint.


We aim to bring this service by the end of 2021, as our engineers are currently in training, to make sure they have the knowledge to provide an exceptional service to our customers.

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